Chisel Nail Art continues to make its mark with the 4-in-1 Super Matching product set


Along with the outstanding development of the nail industry, related services have also formed and expanded over the years. The most prominent is the nail industry, units specializing in providing products, materials, and equipment for the nail industry.

Among them, Chisel Nail Art is one of the most highly-rated brands today in the international market. Founded by Vietnamese international expert David Hoang, to date, the brand has achieved a leading position in the industry, producing more than 700 different powder colors and is the leading supplier of powder colors in the international nail market.

Expert David Hoang shares, one of the most important factors that help Chisel Nail Art make admirable strides is its talented and experienced staff. Among them is Katie Phuong, the brand’s training expert, winner of 17 awards in the Nailympia international competition, and also an official judge in the first Nailympia international competition held in Vietnam in April 2024.

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According to the diverse needs of customers, the nail industry must also constantly change and update. Understanding that flow, expert David Hoang has continuously researched to develop new product lines, meeting the increasingly stringent requirements of customers, and at the same time creating product lines that can be optimized. jobs in the nail industry. And Chisel Nail Art’s newly launched product line in 2024 called 4-in-1 Super Matching continues to be a satisfactory mark of the long and painstaking preparation of expert David Hoang and his colleagues.

Each 4-in-1 Super Matching product set includes 1 jar of powder, 1 bottle of paint, and 1 bottle of gel. The most outstanding feature of this product set is that each product inside is integrated with the features of the other 2 products, plus the feature of dipping powder, for a total of 4 “super combination” features. When using any product of this product set, with any technique, the appearance and quality of all finished products are equally beautiful.

Along with 4 features integrated into 1 product, the phrase “4-in-1” also represents 4 outstanding advantages of the 4-in-1 Super Matching product set: Highly pigmented, self-leveling, absorbent fast, and easy to use. From these advantages, the product set can be suitable for use with many color palettes, especially colors with high color brilliance. That’s why expert David Hoang chose a color palette with 120 colors inspired by nature on the islands as the first theme for this enthusiastic product set.

Expert David Hoang said that after launching the 4-in-1 Super Matching product line with the first color set, he quickly continued to research other themes for the next color collection. Besides, he and his colleagues are also urgently preparing for new plans in 2024. He confided: “The 4-in-1 Super Matching product set can be said to be a great pride of mine because it meets all my requirements and the needs of most customers at the present time.”